Full Body Wrap

Know the effects of Full Body Wrap

Full Body Wrap has become quite a rage these days. In very simple words Full Body Wrap is covering your body in plastic or blanket after coating the body with some creams or body packs.

Full Body Wraps come in different types. There are many steps involved in the process of body wrap. This treatment is extending by Spas. Full Body Wraps can be detoxing wraps, hydrating wraps and slimming wraps. Each type has some positive effects on the entire body.

The process of Full Body Wrap starts with a rejuvenating process either by body brushing or body scrubbing. Body scrubbing is done for the purpose of making the skin penetrated by the product used for the body wrap.

Many natural ingredients like seaweed, algae, clay etc. are used for removing toxins from the body in the process of detoxing wraps. After applying the product in the form of body mask, the entire body is wrapped in a plastic sheet and then covered with a blanket. The blanket wrap is done for at least 20 minutes. This helps in providing essential minerals to the body and also stimulates blood circulation. The dead skin and various impurities are also removed. Detox body wrap is beneficial when you are changing your diet and want to detox your body.

Our body feels dehydrated frequently and asks for some hydrating treatment from time to time. Hydrating wraps are good for softening, smoothening and hydrating the skin as it uses body creams and body gel for the purpose. It is good during winter because our skin gets flaky and dry and become itchy. Hydrating wraps also removes sun tan effects.

It is very popular as it claims to reduce extra inches from your muscle. Ace bandages which are dipped into essential minerals are used to bandage each limb in this process. The effects produced are temporary but it is good if you have to look slim for any event.